“I’m not who I used to be, He re-created me.”
— Ash Soular


My Beginning

 Being raised into a musical family, I remember knowing from a very young age that all I wanted to do was to be a musician. At 15 years old I learned to play the guitar and began taking my first steps towards pursuing my career in the music industry. I started playing in my dad's band when I was 16 and they would feature me on a couple songs like, Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love", and Santana's "Black Magic Woman". Eventually the funny novelty of a 16 year old girl playing a guitar solo became the main attraction and they started developing the whole show around me. Around this time I began to get a lot of attention for videos I uploaded of myself playing guitar on YouTube. One in particular was a Santana cover of "Samba Pa Ti" that skyrocketed into the hundreds of thousands and eventually the millions of views. People in the industry, who had seen my videos, started to contact me. Musicians wanted me to go on tour, producers wanted to work with me, magazines wanted to interview me, and A&R representatives wanted to pitch me to a major record label. Before I knew it, I was soon off to LA to meet and audition and begin what I thought was the start of my dream. I had no idea what was going to happen next that would change my life forever.

My Testimony

One day right in the middle of everything going on in my life, I had a personal experience with God that flipped my whole world upside down. It was an experience that showed me what it was like to be without Him. After that I promised Him that whatever it takes I will do it, just never let me feel that way again. After that it was a weeding away of the things in my life that were keeping me from fully following Yeshua. Then one night He asked me to walk away from pursuing my music career and to use my talents for Him. Not growing up listening to any Christian music or being around that culture, I had my doubts about my calling, but once I agreed to stand true to my promise He started giving me inspiration to write music that I never could have written on my own. It was so exciting, and when music is inspired like this, it has to be shared, not only a gift to me but to bring out that excitement in others. Since then, He has inspired me to write over 70 songs and counting.

You can watch my full testimony here:

My Dad

My dad/manager/band member, Ray Soular, has always supported my creativity and expression through music. He is a life long musician, master status guitarist and all around great guy. He has been working with me to help me to make this musical vision a reality. He and I travel and perform together.

My Mission

Yeshua tells us to go forth, to build His kingdom, to do great things, and to work hard on them, so that is what I am going to do. I am taking His calling and going at it 100%. No bounds, no limits, because I believe in His promises to me, and each and everyone of us. My dad once told this story: "God appeared to his daughter and said, "My child, here is a guitar, take it and go out and save the world." The young lady took the guitar and said "Ok God, but couldn't you give me a lil more to work with?" And God replied, "Yes I could, but it wouldn't make such a good story."

“We will not back down, You will not silence us, We are The Remnant.”
— Ash Soular

My Music

 My first album "The Remnant" is all of the first songs that I wrote right after that experience I had with God. It encompasses where I was, and how I understood who Yeshua was, at the time. The Remnant is the title of the album because it summed up my mission at this point in time: To awaken a new Remnant up and bring a spark to them that will make them shine as a bright light in this world.

Who are The Remnant: a community of believers, small in comparison to the rest of the world but they are the ones who God uses to change the world. They are warriors equipped with truth and love ready to stand up when everyone is afraid to. They will not allow themselves to be silenced, because their mission is to open the eyes of those still blinded to the truth. They are happy and blessed because they serve a Victorious God. This is who I write my music for, to strengthen and inspire these believers to live boldly for Yeshua.

Some faq About Me

  • I funded my album, "The Remnant" through the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, raising over $21,000 for the project by backers.
  • I have enough songs for at least 5 more albums.
  • I perform and record all of my music in what's commonly know as the Solfeggio healing frequencies.
  • I keep the 7th day Sabbath
  • I've written songs in almost every genre of music including reggae, Latin, blues, country, and even rap.
  • I got to work with some of my Christian Music heroes on my album, "The Remnant" including the members of theband Salvador and Jaci Velasquez.