Featured on Chavah Messianic Radio!

New music rollout!
If you’re unfamiliar with Ash, she’s got a beautiful voice and is probably the best electric guitar player in the Messianic world. Smile I think you guys will enjoy her new album
— Chavah Messianic Radio

Hey guys! Chavah Messianic Radio just posted a blog about our music! They are one of the largest Messianic radio stations and it's a blessing to have our music heard by their thousands of listeners.

Check out their online radio station to hear our songs from, "The Remnant" playing!

Thanks you Chavah for your support, we support you guys as well!

Blog post here: http://blog.messianicradio.com/2017/01/new-music-ash-soular-remnant.html

Radio Station: https://messianicradio.com/